Reiter Consulting Services

Our consulting and design team have the skills and experience to help you select technology, establish a company growth trajectory, and in some cases raise early stage capital. Our team’s experience includes work in the fields of process development, facility expansion, compensation structures, financial analysis, financial forecasting, and strategic positioning to name a few.

Our on staff chemist specializes in the Oil, Fat, Used Cooking Oil, Waste Grease, Biodiesel Production and Rendering Methods.

Oil, Fat, Grease Rendering – Design and Consulting

Effective and efficient rendering of Used Cooking Oil, Brown Grease, and Trap Grease enables a facility to MAXIMIZE product quality and yield, while simultaneously minimizing energy and labor use. The goal of our team is to help facilities overcome the challenges associated with the processing of each of these materials and their associated waste streams. As lead process designer of five rendering facilities since 2011, Reiter Scientific has amassed a large pool of knowledge and experience from which our clients benefit.

Biodiesel Process – Design and Consulting

In 2007, Reiter Scientific entered the biodiesel industry with the goal of applying the chemical expertise of our scientists to the production problems facing our clients in the Biodiesel industry. Within a year, we had successfully helped two commercial clients attain ASTM quality fuel and subsequent IRS and EPA registration.

In 2009, our team did early work with various heterogeneous catalytic resins, which we believe will be of great value to future clients seeking to process ultra-high FFA feedstocks into biodiesel.

Our staff has been involved in a number of specialty projects including the production of ASTM grade biodiesel from challenging feedstocks. A brief list of the feedstocks which we have experience with include Camelina, Jatropha, Castor and high FFA Brown Grease.

Biodiesel Production Equipment Design

Finding multi-feedstock biodiesel production equipment that produces a consistent product can be a challenge. From 2007 thru 2010, RSC was intimately involved in the retrofitting and debugging of multiple “off the shelf” production platforms to allow for production of consistent quality fuel from lower quality (non-virgin) feedstocks. In addition to work done for our clients, we have invested a good amount of time and money into the testing of various second generation biodiesel catalysts. Since 2010, we have stayed involved in the equipment industry primarily as consultants to biodiesel producers and biodiesel production equipment manufacturers.

Reaction Chemistry Software

In 2007, we recognized the market was in need of a user-friendly computer platform capable of optimizing the chemistry behind biodiesel production. As a result, we began development of a software program called “Biodiesel in a Box” that automates the tedious calculations required to determine the “optimal” reaction chemistry for various stages of biodiesel production.

The BIB platform is not your basic reaction calculator. With THOUSANDS of lines of stored conversion factors, physical constants, and calculations, this program serves as an amazingly powerful yet easy to use tool for our consultants and clients.

Web and Media Services

With more than ten completed web-design projects to date, we have become proficient at building webistes pertaining to Oil Collection and Biodiesel Production. With expertise in HTML 5, WordPress, Java, Search Engine Optimization, and Automatic Mobile Site Scaling, our team builds powerful websites.

Regardless of your budget for aesthetics, our team will make sure that the “code” behind your site conforms to the latest indexing and display standards. This “coding” work, never seen by the client or site visitor, is CRITICAL in ensuring that your site is well indexed by various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We’ll use our experience and skills to drive traffic to your website.

In addition to these powerful websites we also have a marketing team that offers Facebook Management, Content/Blog Writing and Google AdWords campaign services. Our marketing consultant will make sure that not only your website, but also your other media and marketing outlets are running at their full potential.

3rd Party Consultants

Third party consultants including electrical engineers, fire protection engineers, process engineers, environmental protection engineers, fabricators, and other 3rd party service providers form the always appreciated supporting cast at Reiter Scientific. With roots that stretch all the way back to grassroots biodiesel and the early days of the IRS tax credit, our network of professional contractors and engineers stand ready to apply their experience to your problems.

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